A business website is your window on the internet to promote your business to potential customers. Most business owners have a site built and leave it, but Google expects more from a website for it to rank high in their search engine. It doesn’t matter how good your website looks, it will need to be updated regularly and to follow Google’s guidelines for it to rank on page one. A web designer can build a website but it often requires the work of a search engine optimisation specialist to do the necessary work to get your business to rank and attract targeted customers.

Highlighted below are 5 key tips that you can implement now to get your SEO started:

Website Optimisation

A well-optimised website will position your business high in the search engines to attract customers looking for your service. Some of the optimisation factors that the Google algorithm looks for when deciding how to rank your website include the speed of your website, does it load quickly, are there any broken links and of course is your website is mobile-friendly.


Using the right keywords that potential customers would use in a search is key to getting targeted visitors to your site. There are certain ‘buyer intent’ keywords that a buyer is likely to use to indicate that they are ready to buy. Researching these keywords and using them in your title, content and tags is an important factor in ranking online.


Adding regular, fresh, good quality content is required as Google and other search engines love fresh content. It is also important to optimise your content in a way that is search engine friendly – again using the right keywords and tags and ensuring the content targets the audience you are aiming to reach.

Social Media

The growth of social media use means that it is important to incorporate this into your online marketing strategy. Aside from having a profile from the main social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there are also hundreds of other sites that give your website the authority it needs to rank. Having people on social website talking about your business and sharing links is a critical factor for any business.

Online Branding

It is important to look at whether your business has a solid brand online. When an authority site like Wikipedia for example, links to your website, the level of authority that your site receives from just one authority link can boost your ranking overnight. Just imagine what having over a hundred authority links can do for your site. This is where the real power online lies online.

This is a small sample of some of the strategies that you can use to boost your website’s ranking in Google. If you want Search Engine Optimisation Specialist to help drive more visitors to your website, please feel free to complete our Discovery form to tell us about your website and online intentions.

You can also get a quick view of how your website is performing with our website audit. This is a pdf Site Report highlighting the areas on your website that are performing well and the areas that may require some work.

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