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A good company digital company providing local SEO services will focus on a number of areas to ensure that your business ranks high in search engines. They should maximise on the fact that as a local company if you are small you will be able to move quickly. By this, we mean that you will be able to outrank your competitors by making quick decisions. A large company will very often have to go through lots of hoops to get the budget to rank online, whereas a smaller local company has fewer hoops to jump through.

Google has over 200 ranking factors and this often overwhelms many search engine optimisation agencies. Very few really know what to focus on.

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There are 4 keys areas that are key to ranking online:

Content Marketing

Good Content Marketing is important, but you can write as much content as you like, if it is not optimised you can miss out on key rankings in the search engines. There is normal writing and writing for SEO which involves using the right keywords, h tags, ensuring the readability is good. A good SEO firm will take you through the key steps to write for SEO.

SEO Friendly Code

A good digital marketing company will also focus on how to optimise your website and will look at the code on your site and whether it is slowing your site down and what needs to be completed to increase the speed of your site. Page load speeds are very important for ranking. Therefore, on-page technical optimisation of your code is essential for ranking.

User Experience /Usability

Another area that a good agency will look at is the user experience. Google loves it when websites provide a good usability experience for their clients. SEO attracts visitors to your website whereas usability or user experience focuses on conversion. The two go hand in hand, when a visitor clicks on your website, the number one result required is for them to contact you. This conversion is called your Click Through Rate (CTR). Another metric that is important is the bounce rate. This refers to how quickly a person leaves your site without interacting with the site. This is an important metric in Google’s eyes and it will very often affect your ranking.


The final area of importance is backlinking. There are many backlinks that can be added to a site and they all have different levels of authority. For example, a link from Facebook or the BBC is more powerful than a link from your local library. Google looks at the authority of links that are pointing to a site. Without going into too much detail with a potential seo company, ask a question about how they build backlinks to your site. You should be looking out for statements about quality over quantity. It’s important to know that an agency knows what they are doing in this respect as it is one of the easiest ways for your site to be penalised.

When looking to acquire the services of a good SEO services agency, we believe that you should pay attention to what they say in relation to the points above.

We suggest that you ensure that your site is optimised for revenue, not traffic. With traffic, you can get 5000 visitors to go to a site without a result. Optimising for revenue involves looking at the pages on your website, what happens when a visitor lands on a page and how is that page structured to get traffic. For example, is there a good call to action on the page and in your header for potential customers to contact you.

Focus on your meta titles and descriptions. There are often 6 Google Ads and 10 organic listings on a web page, why would a customer click on your site instead of the other 15 listings. Boosting your site ranking needs laser focus on your content, meta descriptions, keyword targeting and click-through rate.

You don’t have to know how to do all the work yourself but you need to know that the agency you are working with know exactly how to deliver the results you are looking for. Also, beware of being tied into 12- or 24-month contracts. A good SEO services provider should be working every month to deliver results. There are no overnight results with digital marketing but when you follow a process and deliver what site visitors want with the content and authority that Google likes to see, you will rank. You should start seeing results after 6 months with a good agency, as well as being guided through the process with regards to content generation.

At SAS Online Marketing, we are experts at delivering results for our clients. We manage all of your online marketing while leaving you to focus on your business.

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