How SEO IncreasesVisitors to Your Site?

You have created a website that is compelling with rich content and offers a service or product that’s in demand. You are sharing your site’s information to relevant social media platforms that have most subscribers. You have implemented a good link building campaign by linking other sites to your website. Even with all this in place, you are not receiving the needed traffic, and you wonder why?

Traffic Categories

There are two elements to SEO traffic:

  • When your website ranks higher in the search engine, the probability of many people clicking your page is 90%. If these people don’t get the right information they are looking for on your site they will leave immediately. You might refer to these kinds of visitors as accidental visitors, and they are the highest in number.
  • The other types of visitors are the right kind of visitors that add value to your website. These visitors know what exactly they want, and when they land on your page, they will stay for longer and click on links and even purchase your products or service. You might have 1000 views per day, but it’s possible that 100 views are the ones that will add value to your website.

These two types of traffic portray quantity and quality. What most business owners need is quality first then quantity later. It is vital to satisfy the 100 quality visitors for them to come back and refer to others which will eventually increase the number of visitors coming to your page.

SEO and Keywords

For any page to be visible and rank high in search engines, it should have keyword distributed accordingly in their;

  • Content
  • Meta description
  • Title and header.

Selecting the right keyword is important, but you should also put into consideration the length of the keyword. Assume you were the one searching for something on the internet, what would you type? Would you type one word? Or would you describe what you’re looking for in three, four or more words?

Using long-tail keywords instead of one on a page has proven to attract more visitors to a website since the keyword has a description of what the visitors will find on that site.

SEO and Content

Every website should have material that is useful and informative otherwise it will be difficult to attract visitors when you don’t have any helpful information on your pages. For a site to be ranked high in the search engines, it is necessary that your content is addressing the needs of the visitors by providing practical information.

Linking is also important. When you link to other pages from your site that are relevant to the current page, it will make your visitors view other pages. When other websites backlink to your site, it tells search engines that your site has valuable information. It is through the backlinks that you may get visitors indirectly from other sources.

SEO and Sharing

Social sharing doesn’t determine your sites ranking in the search engines. Research has shown a page that lists high in the search engines when shared in social media platforms such as Facebook, Tweeter and LinkedIn usually receives more shares and as a result more visitors.

For your page or site to attract visitor interested in your niche, it is essential to make it SEO friendly and understand the crucial components of SEO. The variables mentioned above are crucial when you want to increase targeted visitors to your website.


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