How SEO Can Create a Solid Brand for Your Business in Brighton


There are very few businesses that can do without consulting SEO experts in Brighton for their website, and very few business owners who really understand what SEO is, and why it’s needed for their company. Not understanding the basics of SEO and how this process works to get a website to the top of search engine results, and why this is important for a company’s web pages, can mean missing out on many potential customers and clients, and even losing current customers or clients to a competitor. If you’re a business owner or are in charge of marketing, advertising, or sales, or of a company’s website, note why it’s good to call on a Brighton SEO consultant for your professional website, no matter your industry or size of your company.

What a Business Owner Needs to Know About SEO

As a business owner or a person in charge of marketing and advertising, it isn’t important to know the technical details of how SEO works, and hiring Brighton SEO services can certainly alleviate the burden of having to understand how this process actually works. However, it can be good to understand a few  basics of SEO in order you know why hiring or consulting with SEO experts in Brighton can be advantageous for you, and why trying to create an effective and high-trafficked website on your own can be a mistake.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, refers to making changes to a website so that it is more readily found by web search engines so that it ranks high in the list of sites that are offered by an online search. This entire concept might surprise business owners who don’t understand how search engines work, and who might assume that all websites are automatically found by people who search for particular products or services. Search engines like Google and Bing frequently send out “spiders” to read through, or “crawl” and evaluate websites, and rank them according to a few different factors. In turn, when a person uses that search engine to search for a product or service, whether a local hair salon or an online retailer that sells books, search engines will show them the sites that ranked the highest during this “crawl.”

Why SEO works?

To further understand why you might need a Brighton SEO agency, consider a few additional factors about what SEO involves. When search engines send out “spiders” to “crawl” the internet and evaluate various web pages, they look at a select number of factors to determine which sites are shown when a person searches for information online.

One such criteria is content; the larger a website, the more likely it is to appear at the top of the organic search engine results. This is a reason why sites like Wikipedia, Amazon and Huffington Post often appear up at the top of page one in search engines. These sites are large, with lots of content, so they’re more readily found and then ranked at the top of search results by search engines. A business website with very little content is then often overlooked by those search engines, or it will rank very low in favor of websites that have lots of content.

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Search engines also look for keywords that match what a potential customer is using in their online search. When a person searches for, for example “cheap wedding favors Brighton” or “hair salon Brighton,” those terms are called keywords, or keyword phrases. Search engines will then display to that person websites that use those phrases.

This is important for business owners or managers to realise, as simply offering a particular product or service is not enough to get your site noticed by search engines. Google, Bing, and other web search engines can’t discern the actual product or service you’re offering, so they may have no idea that all the products are your site are “wedding favors,” much less do they know if they’re cheap. Instead, search engines look for those keywords on your site, and will rank websites that use specific keywords higher.

A Brighton SEO expert can evaluate a website and note the product or service it’s selling, and then find the most popular keywords, often called ‘buyer keywords’ used by potential customers and clients when they are browsing the internet. They can also ensure that those keywords and keyword phrases are included in the content on a website in order to have that website found when a potential customer searches for a product or service.

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SEO Mistakes Made By Business Owners

While many of the technical aspects of SEO are best left to a Brighton SEO consultant, some business owners, or those in charge of marketing and advertising, may try to handle their own search engine optimisation for their company’s website. This is never recommended, as it’s easy for a person not skilled in SEO management to make simple mistakes that can cost a business many visitors to website.

For example, you may assume that you should use the phrase “residential fencing” on your website, if you sell residential fencing, but you may not realise that your potential clients could be searching for “pool fencing,” “chain link fencing,” “fence installers,” and other associate terms that you may not have considered. If you don’t expand your use of keywords and keyword phrases, you could be missing out on a lot of quality potential website visitors.

Another common mistake made by those who try to forego the services of a SEO expert in Brighton is not tagging photos and other graphics on their page. Many websites today use pictures to draw in visitors and help sell their product, but search engines can’t actually “see” those pictures. Instead,  search engines will read the description of pictures and use them in the same way they use keywords when ranking websites. This means that your photos of cheap wedding favors or residential fencing your company sells needs to be described properly, using those exact phrases that a visitor might use when searching for products you sell.


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