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Over 3 billion people use the internet every day. As a result of this, every type of business should carefully consider their own online presence to ensure they’re directing targeted visitors to their website. However, it’s vital for a business owner to understand that simply having a website is not enough to get it noticed by customers and clients, as your website is always competing with dozens, if not even hundreds. To ensure that your company’s website stands out and brings as many people to your front door as possible, it is important to work with an experienced SEO agency in Buckinghamshire.

What is SEO?

You don’t need to be a Buckinghamshire SEO expert to understand SEO. SEO, in a nutshell, refers to optimising your website so that it can be more readily found by search engines such as meaning Bing, Yahoo.

This makes SEO services in Buckinghamshire very important, as there are probably thousands of websites that are tracked by those search engines every day! Without optimising your website properly, it’s not likely to be found by search engines, or it may be buried under other websites like yours. You can see how successful your website is online by the number of visitors who visit your website. To increase the number of potential customers to your website, you will need to utilise SEO strategies that work inline with Google and other web search engines requirements to rank on page one and increase traffic volume.

 How SEO Works?

Search engines don’t understand what they see on a website in the same way that people understand those sites; for example, a person searching for residential fencing may see pictures of fences on a web page, and realise that they’ve found a good website to browse for a new fence. A search engine doesn’t see those pictures as images, but will read the description or tags associated with the pictures. If those pictures aren’t tagged properly, a search engine crawl will pass by that website and not associate it with residential fencing, no matter how many pictures of beautiful fences it might include.

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Another basic feature of SEO is the wording of a website. Search engines will find websites that are worded the same as what someone types into that search engine; again, this is because those search engines don’t think and discern information like humans. A search engine needs to see words that match what is being searched; for instance, if a person is searching for “residential fencing,” and your website never uses that particular phrase, your site might easily be missed by search engines. You can add all the pictures of beautiful fences you want, and use what you believe are the right phrases,” but unless search engines see the words “residential fencing” or other relevant keywords, they’re likely to skip right over your page! A good Buckinghamshire SEO agency will review a company’s website and analyse the words and phrases that are required to drive visitors to you site.

Another important aspect of SEO is backlinking, or a link to a website from someone else’s page. If you’ve ever read a webpage and saw a link on that page, connected to a certain phrase in what you are reading, that is a backlink; that phrase links back to another site. The more backlinks connected to your site, the more visitors it will get, and the more easily your site will be found by search engines. It is also the authority associated to the backlink that is important to search engines. A good Buckinghamshire SEO expert can quickly and easily determine which are the best links to use on your website to increase your rankings and drive more traffic to your webpage.

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More Traffic Equals More Customers

Armed with this basic knowledge of SEO, you may still wonder why your company would need an SEO consultant in Buckinghamshire. Search engines often change the way they read and evaluate web pages. An SEO company in Buckinghamshire can stay abreast of those changes, and of what needs to be carried out to keep your website optimised for being found by major search engines.

An SEO expert can also note what is wrong with your site, this is often carried out via a site audit. For example, it is possible to over optimize a website by using the same keywords too often. This practice is called keyword stuffing, and it actually causes search engines to lower a site’s ranking in their findings. Removing some of those keywords can then actually increase your site’s ranking.

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Your site may also simply be too skimpy with content that search engines can read, and an SEO consultant might suggest you add as an example blogs, informational articles, pages for frequently asked questions etc. These types of pages won’t detract from your site or seem like an afterthought, but will give your website some much needed “bulk.” Search engines also evaluate how long visitors stay on a page, so an SEO agency might suggest adding more information to your site’s pages in order to keep visitors on your web pages.

Implementing these services by a top Buckinghamshire SEO company will help you create a website for your business that will rank very high with search engines. In turn, potential customers and clients will find your site quickly and easily.


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