Our SEO Approach to Deliver Quality Leads for Your Business

The question that most businesses ask is why do they need SEO. We believe that question should be how can you survive as a business without SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation consists of using strategic online natural and ethical processes to rank in a web search engine’s organic listings. It helps your website to rank on page one of the search engines and in particular in Google. Google processes over 60,000 search queries every second on average which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. It is easy to see why they are the leading search engine in the world and growing. No matter how competitive your industry may be, you will be able to gain a lions share of your market audience by utilising the strategies we apply in our SEO Approach.

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A good SEO company offering online marketing and SEO sevices will manage your online marketing strategy to achieve market domination in any field. Over time with SEO, your business will rank naturally in Google which will ensure the initial upfront cost is a worthwhile investment for your business.

The SEO 4 Stages to Dominating Your Local Market

Our approach focuses on 4 over-arching methods and we have tried, tested and have achieved results in the strategies that we apply in each of these approaches.

Foundation Building

All the SEO and Social Media Marketing in the world will not harness the real power of SEO without ensuring that the right building blocks are in place. We assess whether these are in place by carrying out a detailed analysis of your website including a link analysis to ensure that your site fulfils the requirements we need to start your SEO campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our search engine optimisation approach follows our tried and tested strategies that work within Google’s ranking factors. Google, in fact, has over 200 ranking factors, but with our expertise, we understand what search engines like Google want and we begin the delivery element of our plan when we work with you.

It is important to note that you will not get any quick fixes with SEO. Google and other search engines want to see you following a natural process to rank online. There are many SEO agencies who may sell you a different approach, who may promise results in 1 month by sending a lot of backlinks to your website, but any results from this type of strategy will result in shortlived rankings, keywords that will not stick and potential search engine penalties.

Our approach is to follow a natural, ethical approach to deliver results that will deliver a solid ROI, grow your customer base and increase revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Maximising the power of social media is important as it allows you to get exposure to a new audience. With millions of users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and hundreds of other social networks, there are millions of people to reach and most of them will likely not have heard of your brand. You can use social media sites to establish your brand as an authority and stay in the mind of your customers and potential new customers with regular posts to improve loyalty to your brand. Our strategies work in line with Google’s ranking requirements and will increase the power of your brand online over time.

Online Branding

Throughout the delivery of our online marketing approach, the correct management of your brand online will keep customers coming back to you time after time whilst good reviews will ensure that it is easier to convert the customers who choose to use your products or services. Reputation Management online is very important and we incorporate this in our approach which helps us to develop on the current state of your business to build a strong online presence.

Market Domination

Pulling together all of the above into our approach and delivering the right methods at the right time, will result in your business increasing it’s online visibility and ranking high in web search engines. We set your expectations that while we are fully committed to ensuring that you can dominate your market and follow ethical methods to meet search engine ranking requirements, we deliver rankings and do not promise overnight results, but results that will reduce your marketing budget and deliver a solid ROI.

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