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How to Dominate Your Market in Surrey with SEO

Many online retailers, and business owners who use a website to encourage customers or clients to find their physical location, make the mistake of thinking that if their website is “out there,” or published to the internet, their site will automatically be found by potential customers or clients. This is actually not the case, as simply publishing a website to the internet does nothing to guarantee that it will ever be found by people searching for your business.

For your website to be seen in a web search engine’s results, you need to utilise the services of a SEO company in Surrey. Using SEO services will mean increasing visitors to your website and, in turn, increasing foot traffic to your physical location, if you have one. If you’re not sure what is meant by SEO or why you need to hire an SEO agency in Surrey, note a few quick considerations about this service in general, and about how it can benefit your business.

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Understanding SEO

To understand why you need Surrey SEO experts for your website, it’s good to understand some basics about SEO. This term stands for “search engine optimisation,” which, as the name implies, refers to how websites are optimised so that they’re more easily found by search engines like Google and Bing. Websites need to be optimised in a unique way, simply because search engines don’t read and discern websites the way humans do.


Consider an example, to help you better understand why you might call an SEO company in Surrey. If you were to use Google to search for “cheap plumbing services,” Google cannot discern from website pictures and its description that a particular site is for a plumber, and Google cannot compare plumbing websites to determine whose service is the cheapest. Instead, Google will look for the terms “cheap plumbing services,” “cheap plumbing,” and “plumbing services” on the websites it finds. The more often those phrases are used, the more likely it is that Google will include that website in its search results. Using quality SEO on your website ensures that your site is using the terms and phrases that customers look for, and which are found by Google and other search engines.

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 How SEO Works for Online Searches

Consider another reason why you want to work with the best SEO company in Surrey when you rely on a website for your business. When search engines find keywords that potential customers are using in their online searches, search engines then rank websites accordingly. The higher the rank, the higher they show up in those search engine results. In turn, the better the SEO consultant that you choose for your company, the more likely it is that your website will be on that first page of results.

This is important, as there may be dozens, if not even hundreds of websites just like yours, competing for a customer’s business, and which may rank higher in those search results. Potential customers and clients surfing the web aren’t likely to sift through page after page of potential sites to visit, so if your website is buried several pages deep in those search engine results, it won’t be seen by anyone. To stay on top of this online competition, you need to consult with an SEO company, and ensure you are consistently refining your website and keeping it at the top of those search engine results.

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Benefits of SEO

While hiring a high-quality SEO expert in Surrey will mean getting your website seen by more people who are searching for words and phrases that are on your site, there are other ways that SEO will bring people to your site, and even your front door. Backlinks are an important part of SEO; this refers to having links to your website on other sites online. For example, if you sell replacement plumbing pipes, another website that uses the phrase “replacement plumbing pipes” might link that phrase to your website. In turn, a person browsing that other website might click that link if they need those parts, and they are directed to your site.

Since backlinks are placed on websites other than your own, you will need to hire an SEO agency to find sites that would host these links. This might include companies in your industry, as well as bloggers, reviewers, and other online writers whose sites would support links to your business.

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Dominate Your Market in Surrey

There are only a small number of businesses who might not need the services of an SEO agency in Surrey; for example, if you find your customers through direct sales and those customers only use your website to place orders, you may not need SEO. However, even if you use a website to let local customers find your physical store, and even if you assume those customers will be searching for your company name, you need to hire an SEO specialist. This is because other businesses may be using your business name, or something similar, on their own website.

It’s also important to remember that you want to use SEO services in order to consistently reach new customers and clients. No business should rely on their current client or customer base to sustain their business over the years, even if you have a popular business in a thriving city. New competitors are always showing up online, and new potential customers and clients also need to be reached to keep your business profitable. Without quality SEO on your website, you may easily lose out on all that potential business, and see your business become stagnant.

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